Tourism in rural villages

A Finnish village can offer a foreign tourist something very Finnish. In the project Tourism in rural villages, the co-operation between businesses is expanded to concern everyone in the village. Tourists are guests of the whole village. For the village, this means earnings for as many inhabitants as possible. The spending of the tourists also help with maintaining and developing the services in the village. The tourists themselves feel genuinely welcome to join the everyday life in the village.

The nationwide coordinating project Tourism in rural villages practices tourism in the rural village program. The program is planned by one of The Rural Policy Committee's theme groups, specialized in tourism. This project will advance the combined development of villages and tourism and increase the tourism expertise in villages. It also considers genuinely all the aspects of sustainable tourism.

The aim of this nationwide project Tourism in rural villages is to lead and coordinate development process in 16 different pilot villages. The development focuses on: 

  • developing the pattern of activity in rural tourism
  • product development
  • increasing communication and knowledge
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Tiina Perämäki
Project Manager
Tourism in rural villages
- coordinating project
Lomalaidun ry c/o MTK
Simonkatu 6, P.O Box 510,
FIN-00100 Helsinki
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